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Product Description

Made in U.S.A.

Stemamine™ Stem Cell Rejuvenating Formula

Supports your body’s stem cell system

  • Helps support
  • Heart and Circulatory system
  • Bones and Joints
  • Liver
  • Skin
  • Brain
  • And Much More
    Stemamine™ quickly awakens your own STEM CELLS and then promotes their release into your bloodstream!


Stemamine™ products are composed of natural botanicals and other ingredients that have been clinically documented to support the performance of your own stem cells. Some of the ingredients our stem cell lab looked at were different types of dietary brown seaweeds consumed in Asia that contain an interesting substance called fucoidan. Published research had revealed that this compound and some of its relatives mobilize stem cells and were linked to remarkable ability to promote cardiovascular health and support a normal inflammatory response. Now, new research demonstrates that fucoidan actually mobilizes and potentiates stem cells, and enhances their ability to renew and revitalize aging tissues.
Fucoidan is found in marine algae (brown algae) such as Mozuku (nemacystus decipiens), mekabu (the pleated section of wakame, or undaria pinnatifida, near the root), and kombu (laminaria japonica). The “slimy” constituent of seaweed is a rich sourceof fucoidan, which is a general term referring to a group of polysaccharides containing sulfated fucose.

Various experiments and studies have found that fucoidan provides the following functions, which this book “Amazing Power of Fucoidan” will explore in detail:

(1) Lowering of cholesterol level
(2) Suppression of blood coagulation (thrombosis)
(3) Suppression of blood-pressure elevation (hypertension)
(4) Anti-pylori-bacterial action and improvement of epigastric distress
(5) Suppression of blood-sugar elevation
(6) Mitigation of allergies such as hay fever
(7) Improvement of adverse conditions within the intestines
(8) Adjustment of immune imbalance
(9) Improvement of liver function
(10) Regulation of bowel movements
(11) Prevention of anaemia
(12) Prevention of aging

Reference: The “Amazing Power of Fucoidan” book introduces what Fucoidan is and the mechanism as a health supplement. It also contains over 30 cases of testimonials from those who battle with their illness Cancer.

As the mood-modulating element lithium had been found to have stem cell mobilizing properties I decided to include this as well after determining a safe, optimal dose. It turned out that even at a very low dose lithium has some powerful anti-inflammatory effects on users. Of course the fucoidans also are anti-inflammatory so what happened was that my new formula turned out to be better than I had anticipated since the combination of fucoidans, lithium and other compounds packed a powerful anti-inflammatory punch as well as stem cell mobilizing and proliferating activity.

Lithium is an important trace element naturally occurring in many types of foods including grains and vegetables. It is the element Li on the Periodic Table.
Combined with aspartate it is safe for use in supplements.
Remember we are talking about Lithium aspartate an essential trace mineral, NOT Lithium carbonate.

Lithium carbonate (a prescription drug) is prescribed in high dosages of 300-2700 mg/day as it has been shown to help bipolar disorder. At these intake levels doctors must do periodic blood testing because, like most anything else, too much can be toxic.
The amount of lithium aspartate (natural trace mineral) in each capsule of Stemine™ is only 4 mg and at 2 capsules per day is 8 mg/day. That is 1/30th of even the minimal amount prescribed as a drug. Many health professionals have recommended that 10 to 25 mg of lithium aspartate per day should be taken as a nutritional supplement.
Bottom line: Stemine™ does not provide enough lithium to cause concern for toxicity or any other negative effects. In fact it is one of the most beneficial natural trace mineral supplements you could use!

Do an Internet search using “lithium and stem cells” as your search phrase.
Jonathan Wright, MD has a nice discussion about low-dose lithium here:
James Howenstine, MD has another nice discussion on the topic (Google it)

The ingredients in Stemamine™’s proprietary blend are safe and there are no known contraindications though people with health issues as well as pregnant & nursing women should consult a physician prior to taking this product. Of course, people who take Stemamine™ and have an allergic or other reaction should stop taking it.


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